New Work Boots by Thorogood

These Wisconsin Made Boots Have a Deep History.

Thorogood has been making boots for over 100 years and they know how to make a boot that lasts.  This employee-owned company has over 50 different styles from work boots to tactical shoes.  There was a time when the company shifted most of it's production to military-style boots and shoes.  In 1942 while WWII was taking place the focus was on this type of combat boot and dress style.  Today they still make similar styles and types but have widened the selection to include multiple work boots, casual shoes, and outdoor footwear. 

The Heritage series is still one of our favorite boots as it comes in multiple styles and colorways.  The boot can be purchased with safety toe or non-safety toes versions.  Not only that they are also still made right here in our home state of Wisconsin.  Bucking the trends of going overseas has made a cult-like following for this boot.  The USA union-made heritage can be purchased at our store.  If you need to special order sizes or styles we don't have we are happy to assist.  You work hard and deserve better for your feet so make sure you check out Thorogood boots for your next work boot.  See more at Harjtes