Darn Tough Socks - Simply The Best

Find Comfort For Your Feet

One of the best-made socks we have ever tried can be found in our store or online at our partner site 88 Gear.  These socks are made in the USA and have some of the highest standards for materials, farmers, and customer service.  When it comes to materials you will find a blend of merino wool that provides numerous benefits to your feet.  You may think of a full cushioned or thicker sock as just a warm comfortable sock you wear on holidays.  This is far from true because the merino wool is breathable allowing your feet to stay cool even with thick cushioned socks.  There are numerous benefits to wearing merino wool and we can list them all but trying them out is really the way to go.  You can shop both women's and men's Darn Tough socks that have multiple purposes.  Some of the most popular are work, hiking, casual, or just looking for a better sock.  

Here are all the activities listed below that these socks are good for.  We will just list a few because you can use these socks for just about anything.

  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Work
  • Casual
  • Stress-Reducing
  • Winter Sports
  • Everyday Use

 Darn Tough Socks not only has one of the best warranties but their sock reduces stress on your feet.  If you are on your feet all day try the full cushion or steely socks for work boots and you probably won't ever buy another brand again.  The warranty is also top-notch because if for any reason you are not happy with your socks then you can send them in using Darn Toughs Warranty.   

    These socks are a must-have if you care about your feet.  Wear them all day and you will notice fewer odors, less moisture, and less replacing your socks. 

    Check these socks out and more at Hartjes in LaValle or Shop Online at 88 Gear